The best workout for weight loss You can do it in 5 minutes

There is no denying that it is difficult to lose weight.

A calorie deficit must be reached to lose weight. This means consuming fewer calories than you burn while exercising.

On paper, this sounds simple, but in practice, it is said much more simpler than done.

However, recent studies show that a four-second workout can be effective for weight loss. Let's take a look at the four-second exercise routine for weight loss.

Really?)) Only for 5 minutes?

The workout involves little more than a 5-minute effort, as you might expect.

In the study in question, the participants were placed on an exercise bike. Participants were asked to run on the bike in 5-minute intervals for 15 minutes per session, three times a week.

The study participants were found to improve fat metabolism as a result.

Understanding the results

Does this mean that this four-second workout can help you lose weight?

Not quite.

These four-second bursts of energy expenditure can undoubtedly contribute to a calorie deficit. However, perhaps this will not be enough to cause weight loss on its own. A person also needs to consume fewer calories.

This exercise program may help boost heart and muscle strength as well as weight loss. This is especially valid for people who exercise frequently during the day. Walking, stretching, and weight lifting are some of the other exercises that can be combined.

A great concept for office workers

The effects of this four-second workout may not be so great. However, it can be useful for those who need an effective fitness plan and are busy.

Office workers were especially taken into account when designing this study. In general, office workers spend their days sitting. When a person completes less than 150 minutes of activity per week, by 8definition he is called sedentary.

An increase in heart disease and many other health problems is associated with sedentary lifestyles. In addition, sedentary individuals often have higher rates of mental health conditions such as depression.

Therefore, it is so important to find ways to help such people become more active.

Exercise before, after, or during the working day

Unless you are a competitive athlete, it doesn't matter what time of day you exercise. If you are a morning person, exercising early is great. If you are a night owl, then using a treadmill after dark is equally useful.

This study looked at those who could not seem to fit a workout in any of those periods.

Interestingly, the results show that people can benefit from exercise in just a few minutes a day.

As a result, exercise during the working day can significantly improve your health. The study's use of joint-friendly exercise bikes was a plus. For those who suffer from joint pain from walking, this is a good alternative.

Other options for exercising during the working day

Maybe this plan is not for you, but you still like the idea of exercising during the working day. If so, then there are a lot of different options!

  • You could, for example, fit any of the following forms of exercise into a typical working day.
  • Spend the last few minutes of your lunch break for a walk.
  • Do some pushups between each task.
  • While on a conference call, do some stretching exercises.


Your justifications are no longer acceptable if you postpone starting a fitness routine because you can't find the time! The health benefits of exercise can now be felt in short 5-minute bursts.

Will sticking to this strategy help you achieve the 6 pack you've always desired? Probably not. However, it will become more convenient. Every little exercise is better than being sedentary.

Keep in mind that your diet is more important than exercise.

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