3 Dirty Secrets of the Fitness Industry They do not want you to be aware

 I've worked in the fitness industry for more than ten years. I've witnessed things.Things they prefer to keep secret. Things are exposed that they don't want the public to see. Those things that would reveal them to be the frauds they are. They wanted me to keep these three unsavory secrets from you.

1. There are supplements and there are “supplements”.

I'll start with what is evident. The majority of the supplement market drives the fitness sector. In 2025, sales are predicted to total $35 billion. That is a very strong incentive for businesses to participate. Additionally, since supplements do not need FDA approval, production is quick and expensive.

This is unimportant in a vacuum. A corporation creates a product, and a customer chooses whether or not to purchase it.

However, there is an issue when supplement businesses pay athletic celebrities to promote their goods even though the athletes don't actually use the things they are paid to promote. Use performance-enhancing medications to improve their physiques, in other words (oftentimes while claiming they do not take performance enhancing drugs).

Medicines used to improve performance (PEDs), sometimes known as steroids.

The fitness model Christian Boeving gained notoriety as a result of Chris Bell's steroid documentary Bigger, Faster Stronger. He acknowledged using steroids since he was 16 years old and having a valid prescription for testosterone throughout his interview (a PED). When Bell questioned Boeving about whether or not that revelation was at odds with his sponsorship agreements with the dietary supplements Hydroxycut and Nitro-Tech, Boeving responded,

" Look, I do take the supplements I stated I did — Hydroxycut and Nitro-Tech — but I also take other stuff." 

Boeving had just revealed the biggest secret in the industry: that fitness models, sportsmen, businesspeople, and celebrities use steroids to develop their physiques, then pretend that their physiques are attainable naturally with whatever supplement they're selling.

These individuals are liars. Scammers. Cheaters. Self-absorbed narcissists who will lie at any cost in order to make money.

A decent physique can be achieved without the use of steroids. Steroids are not necessary to develop a terrific physique. But developing a physique that Zeus himself would be proud of? Creating a physique that can compete with that of the Terminator, Rocky, or Ivan Drago?

Yes, a couple times per week need more than two scoops of whey protein.

3 Dirty Secrets of the Fitness Industry They do not want you to be aware.

2. They complicate a rather straightforward operation.

Building fitness is not simple, but it is also not difficult. 95 percent of the way there is following basic training, nutrition, and recovery guidelines.

According to the fitness sector, this is untrue. I purchased a workout program from a well-known professional bodybuilder a few years ago. He was really attractive, so I'm sure his wisdom and intelligence would make me attractive as well. I recall opening his training bundle as soon as it arrived in my inbox with excitement.

The instruction manual spanned about 50 pages. Because it's quite simple to limit your toilet break for five minutes after you've just chugged down two cups of coffee prior to working out, there were charts, spreadsheets, and training guidelines down to the length of time you should spend there during a training session.

Beyond proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids, he had nutritional breakthroughs. What the earth makes a monosaccharide different from a polysaccharide? Why do I care, then? I was unable to understand it.

He promised to sell me a bespoke program, but instead (probably) basically regurgitated his own program with a few minor tweaks. For the typical person, they are all excessively intricate.

It's unnecessary to overcomplicate a relatively easy task. 

  • Sleep for an additional hour each night.
  •  Work out a lot three to four days a week.
  •  Eat as many Whole Foods as you can (one ingredient). 
  • Cut back on the alcohol and sugar. 

Remain devoted. There. I just helped you avoid a major headache and $250.

3. The real motive is money, not health.

So why the constant lying? The trickery? The conceit? One word Money. It's not that surprising, I suppose. Charlatans that choose to take advantage of an opportunity rather than put in an honest day's labor are a common occurrence in most businesses.

3 Dirty Secrets of the Fitness Industry They do not want you to be aware.

However, the fitness sector is thought to be superior. It's intended to focus on assisting individuals in becoming their greatest selves. To transform their lives in a way that is lastingly good. But everything is a gigantic ruse.

The only thing that the fitness industry sells is an image. A picture of good health, achievement, and optimism. The illusion dissipates as soon as you open the curtain and reveal what's behind. Anxiety, sadness, and low self-esteem are all that are left.

All in an effort to get the all-powerful dollar. Give yourself a break. Your favorite Instagram fitness influencers should be unfollowed. Stop watching their YouTube videos. Stop receiving their pointless, incredibly long emails. Stop purchasing the junk from their website.

These people are unwilling to assist you. You are not to be "inspired" by them. They seek financial gain and self-esteem enhancement.

Don't let an industry that doesn't care whether you're fit or not define something as vital as your own personal fitness journey.

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