how to fall asleep fast military in less than two minutes

We are constantly researching How to fall asleep fast with innovative technologies to reach dreamland as soon as possible because it is inconvenient to lie down, toss and turn in bed. Soldiers use this strategy to fall asleep in less than two minutes.
how to fall asleep fast military in less than two minutes

how to fall asleep fast military

For years, the U.S. Army has known about this tactic, and it's effective for 96 percent of soldiers. So it's worth shooting, although it will take some time to master.

Scan of the entire body

The first step in this procedure is a body scan. Every muscle in your body will be relaxed one by one. To start, relax the muscles in your face, including the muscles in your forehead and around your eyes, jaw, and tongue.

 Next, relax your shoulders and glutes by releasing them. Relax the muscles in your upper arm and lower arm, and hand focus on your right arm. Do the same movement with your left arm
Take a deep breath and relax your chest.
Now relax the muscles in your legs on both sides. Relax your thighs first, then your knees, legs, and finally your feet from top to bottom.

How to fall asleep quickly with anxiety

It's time to show, or rather, fantasize, now that you've relaxed all your muscles. Close your eyes and imagine one of the scenarios below.

Choose the one that stands out the most to you

You are in a very dark room, lying on a black hammock. You are floating on the water in a boat lying on your back.
The sea seems calm, and the sky is a bright blue above you. There is not a single cloud in the sky.
Repeat the phrase "Don't think, don't think, don't think" in your thoughts for ten seconds.

Continue for several weeks

Don't give up if that doesn't work right away. It can take up to six weeks to master this trick, but it will get easier over time. So go ahead and keep going! You can also experiment with different visualizations of relaxation.

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